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Elegant Tern ?Sterna elegans on Fuerteventura, 02.04.2004

© by Stefan Tewinkel;

The tern was found on Friday April 2nd 2004 at Las Salinas des Carmen on Fuerteventura, Spain, together with some Sandwich Terns. The photo was taken at about noon, a search in the evening of the same day was unsuccessful.
The bird was first identified as Lesser Crested Tern, until Pierre Crochet put my views on some details untypical for this species but typical for an Elegant Tern.
Especially bill shape and colororation aswell as the light upperparts of the bird made me now also think that my first ID was wrong. (more photos below)

Tern 02.04.04
Elegant Tern ?Sterna elegans (Photo 7)

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© Tewinkel;